Exchange Server 2010 SP3 Released

I was pretty excited to see, among other things, Exchange Server 2010 SP3 has been released in to the wild. At 6am today Laura didn't seem all that interested in hearing about it, so I thought I had better update this blog.
So what does this mean?
Well SP3 is a corner stone of any coexistence transition with Exchange 2013 (CU1) or indeed hybrid with coming release (Wave 15) of Exchange Online on 27 February. It is also going to be important for those Public Folder fans out there wanting to move to the modern/new versions which reside within the DAG.
As well as coexistence/hybrid the SP contains the usual updates, fixes and enables installation on Windows Server 2012. There are Schema updates to review, but should not present a blocker.
Handy links:
Happy testing.