Windows 8 Mail app + Exchange ActiveSync Policy = BYO PC?

It’s been my “dream” for a long time to be able to remote wipe Outlook, this is one of the remaining hurdles I had with allowing BYO PC within Noakesy Hosting.

With the Mail app in Window 8 Release Preview I’m glad to see they are making use of Exchange ActiveSync, which in turn sets out some policies which devices must comply with.

Setting up an Exchange account presents the user with warning.image

Looking in ECP I can now see a device called Windows Mail, great. The coolest part is I can wipe just the Windows Mail app, I think future versions of Exchange will need to reflect the entire device will not be wiped. Maybe a rename to “Apps and Devices”, with an indication of what is possible is needed.


I can also see my EAS policy has been applied in full under Details.