Microsoft Exchange PST Capture – At Last!

Over on the Exchange Team blog they have posted .PST, Time to Walk the Plank, about a new tool called Microsoft Exchange PST Capture to discover, capture and import PST files distributed on computers within your organisation.

Read about it on TechNet here,

Obviously it works with Exchange Online as well as partner Hosted Exchange or on-premise Exchange Server 2010. You can import to either primary mailbox or Archive Mailbox.

Fig1. Server Connection Settings

If the PST is open/in-use it can’t be imported, so maybe a tool to run over night or at the weekend in combination with waking PC’s up.

Fig2. Configuring Search

I have previously used a tool which also ripped out PST encryption/password protection easing imports for those users attempting to protect PST data. It appears Microsoft Exchange PST Capture does not do this yet.

Fig3. PST Capture Console