BlackBerry Enterprise Server v5.0.3 MR4 and Express v5.0.3 MR1

BlackBerry Enterprise Server v5.0.3 MR4 and BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express v5.0.3 MR1 for Exchange, along with Domino and GroupWise flavours, have been released.

The software updates can be downloaded from,


Newly fixed issues in BlackBerry Enterprise Server v5.0.3 MR4 include:

BlackBerry Attachment Service
*When a user viewed an .xls or .xlsx attachment on their device, negative percentages (example, -25%) were not displayed correctly. (DT 1428205)

BlackBerry Messaging Agent
*There is improved handling of partial name collisions that may have occurred in the LegacyExchangeDN field where the expected user account had been disabled. (DT 1448927)

BlackBerry Synchronization Service
*When the BlackBerry Synchronization Service tried to synchronize data for many devices that were not in service, a high CPU usage resulted. (DT 1839166)

BlackBerry Web Desktop Manager
*When you used the default version of USB drivers to connect a BlackBerry device to BlackBerry® Web Desktop Manager, sometimes the attached device was not recognized and could not be activated. (DT 1168677)

Organizer data synchronization
*Contacts that used a custom message class, did not synchronize with Public Folders. (DT 1400600)
*If you changed the Mappings settings for organizer data synchronization at the component level, the organizer
data was not synchronized. (DT 1396390)

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