Exchange 2010 Error Reporting and Feedback

If you have Exchange Server 2010 and it has internet access I recommend running the following cmdlet. Submitting feedback and error reports can only make future releases and updates better. Best of all the data is anonymous and submitted over SSL.

Get-ExchangeServer | Set-ExchangeServer -CustomerFeedbackEnabled $true -ErrorReportingEnabled $true

MCM Exchange 2010 Exam Only

Coming summer 2011 Microsoft have decided to recognise demand for Exchange MCM status and provide exam only options, removing the mandatory 3 week course.

While this is great for those who would struggle to take 3 weeks out of their business I am not sure it is the best idea. To me MCM is about deep dive learning with other Exchange IT pros and establishing relationships in the community and Microsoft product teams.

The people I know who have been through the 3 week training have come away with new experience and knowledge. So while I’ll jump at the chance to do the exam only MCM myself, I just don’t think it will be the same.

Read the press release here,

Get information on Exchange MCM here,

Daniel Noakes