Interactive Whiteboard & UC: eBeam + Lync

In the search for interactive whiteboard solutions I have rediscovered eBeam, having used the eBeam Classic Projection products previously.

The eBeam Edge Projection is a USB/Bluetooth receiver device attached to a flat surface (wall, table, whiteboard) which tracks a stylus within a captured area (123in/312cm diagonal).

The device connects to a computer, which in turn uses a projector to display on to the area being captured.

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In the box you get the receiver, stylus + battery, 2 mounting plates, eBeam Workplace software and a USB cable. The mounting plates are metal and can be easily fixed to a wall, the receiver is magnetic so can be attached quickly to a mounting plate or whiteboard.
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The device comes with it own software, but I think it really lends itself to use with Lync Server Whiteboard Collaboration, or virtual whiteboard as I have also seen it referred to as.

The real headline for me is the cost coming in below £520 ($899) for USB version + the cost of a projector (preferable an ultra short throw). You could half the cost of interactive whiteboard solutions in the office and have the benefit of being able to carry it in your laptop bag or projector case.

I surprised to find no mention to Lync Server on the eBeam website, despite the obvious advantages for all. I would hope in the coming months this changes and maybe the products become Lync certified.

Once we are up an running in our new office I plan to post pictures, videos and couple of articles of this in action.