Exchange Server Pre-Deployment Analyzer

If you are planning to deploy Exchange 2010 I recommend you run the Exchange Server Pre-Deployment Analyzer to perform a readiness check of your environment, not just the server.

There is post from the Exchange team about it here,


Additional UPN Suffix in AD\Exchange 2007

While planning and Exchange migration, alongside a separate AD forest migration I had the requirement to assign an additional UPN suffix to users without adding it to the forest. To complicate things further this only needed to be available to mailboxes in a certain OU.

The solution is to add to the uPNSuffixes attribute using ADSIEdit on the OU in question.


When creating a user/mailbox now using ADUC or the Exchange management console I can choose ‘’ as the UPN suffix, rather than a domain added at the AD forest level.



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Gmail gets ActiveSync policies and wipe

I'm Exchange Server through and through, yet I still use gmail for my personal account. The other day I was forced to re-sync my Windows Mobile and I have now discovered why, Google have added the ability to set security policies on ActiveSync devices (WinMo,iPhone, etc) and remotely wipe them. Cool!

If you are a Google Apps Premier or Education customer head over to,