Outlook 2010 Profiles Support Multiple Exchange Mailboxes

In current versions of Outlook we can add many mailboxes to our main Outlook profile, that is as long as they are in the same Exchange Org. In Outlook 2010 we can add many Exchange mailboxes, even if they hosted in separate Exchange Orgs to our main Outlook profile.

I can have a my work, BPOS and lab mailboxes all in one profile. No more switching between Outlook profiles, yippee.

If you throw Exchange 2010 in to the mix, you can move mailboxes all over the place and the end user will never know.

If you are migrating to the cloud, working with partner businesses or just a geek with lots of Exchange mailboxes this will make life easier.

Can’t wait for the Tech Preview/RTM to try this out.

Daniel Noakes