Office 2008 for Mac Sp2 & Document Connection for SharePoint

Microsoft's MacBU today released Office 2008 for Mac SP2. Try it by downloading from here, It's listed in the right hand pane titled 'Newest' as of today (20 July 2009).

Along with the usual performance boosts Microsoft have added much requested features, one being Document Connection to improve working with SharePoint and Live WorkSpace.

The press release is here,
The Register have a piece on it here,

Oh, don't touch this if you are doing anything with Entourage EWS Beta or you’ll have to use OWA.

Updated 20:05 – Sorry the post was looking a bit bland and this is quite good, so here are some screen grabs. Apologies for the dodgy masking.

Document Connections

Connect to Site


Document Library/List


Opening a Document


Daniel Noakes

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