iPhone 3.0 May Bypass Exchange ActiveSync Policies

The iPhone 3GS now supports device encryption out of the box which seems to satisfy Exchange ActiveSync policies, this is great news for iPhone 3GS users.

The not so great news for Exchange Admin’s if an iPhone 2/3G is upgraded to the 3.0 OS. Even though the device does not support encryption the iPhone 3.0 OS is set to report it is enabled and cannot be changed.

This is not the fault of Exchange ActiveSync as it is up to the licence which features they implement. The software then reports which policies it has enforced.

I have also heard reports that iPhone 3.0 OS can bypass the timeout period before the PIN lock kicks in.

In recent times lots of non-WinMo ActiveSync clients for have started to appear. Maybe it is now time to start locking down ActiveSync to only approved devices/clients.

Daniel Noakes