Office 365 IE8 support ends 8 April 2014

If you use IE8 with Office 365 it is now time to upgrade or deploy an alternate browser. I see this as a huge step forward, enabling new and the best experience in the browser for users... on any device!

You can deploy a newer version of IE,  best to use IE10 or IE11. The latest version of Chrome, Firefox and Safari (on Mac) supported by the vendor are also designed to work with Office 365.

TechNet: Office 365 System Requirements:

Office 365 is designed to work with the current or immediately previous version of Internet Explorer. We recommend that you upgrade to the latest version of Internet Explorer after it is released. Office 365 might continue to work with versions of Internet Explorer other than the current and immediately previous versions for some time after the release of a new version of Internet Explorer, but Office 365 can’t provide any guarantees.
When accessing Office 365 from older versions of Internet Explorer, users may experience known issues and limitations depending on the versions of Internet Explorer, including:
  • Internet Explorer 9   Office 365 does not offer code fixes to resolve problems you encounter when using the service with Internet Explorer 9. You should expect the quality of the user experience to diminish over time, and that many new Office 365 experiences might not work at all.
  • Internet Explorer 8   The user experience sending and receiving email with Outlook Web App and Internet Explorer 8 might be substantially diminished, especially when used on Windows XP or with low memory devices. Office 365 does not offer code fixes to resolve problems you encounter when using the service with Internet Explorer 8, and new Office 365 experiences might not work at all. You should also expect the quality of the user experience with Internet Explorer 8 to diminish further in the near future. After April 8, 2014, Internet Explorer 8 will only display Outlook Web App Light.

OneDrive for Business - 1 TB quota available

If, unlike me, you are lucky enough to have a large storage pool in SharePoint Online it is now possible to assign 1024 GB / 1 TB  to OneDrive for Business Office 365 users. If you don't buy more storage each E user still gets 25 GB of personal storage and adds 500 MB to the overall pool.

OneDrive for business - 1TB quota

This started rolling out a week or so back, keep an eye out for it. I believe the maximum amount of storage which can be purchased per tenant is 25 TB... that is for now I guess.

More information on SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business limits can be found here.

Exchange Online: Get a Hybrd key

If you have or plan to deploy Exchange Hybrid within your Exchange Server 2003 or 2007 Org obtaining the key just became a lot easier.

This wizard drives through validating eligibility to issue Exchange Server 2010 or 2013 keys. This is for Hybrid only, so it is not permitted to host mailboxes.


Office 365 Servie Descriptions & Package This

These days I work almost exclusively with Office 365 and an essential tool in my bag are the service descriptions. These keep me honest, so as not to get confused or blur the line, and are essential reading for anyone undertaking an Office 365 deployment.
With "the new Office 365" Microsoft has shifted away from Word documents to publishing them directly on TechNet. This is great because never again will I have out of date information, but not so great for taking it with me (offline) or including a copy with a business document.
Office 365 Service Desciptions on TechNet
Office 365 Service Descriptions on TechNet:
The problem comes when I want to read these offline (in bed, on the train) or bundle them in to a report or proposal. Searching on TechNet isn't really that focussed and results can vary.
So, how to resolve this? You could print/save to PDF or OneNote, which is ok but I find Pack This on CodePlex particularly useful.
"Package This is a GUI tool written in C# for creating help files (.chm and .hxs) from the content obtained from the MSDN Library or the TechNet Library via the MSDN Content Service. You select the content you want from the table of contents, build a help file, and use the content offline. You are making personalized ebooks of MSDN or TechNet content. Both help file formats also give full text search and keyword search."
With Package This I can export to CHM or HXS for offline viewing and searching. An XML file can be saved targeting the specific content on TechNet or MSDN for easy updating in the future.

Package This on CodePlex:

PST Capture 2.0 Available Now

With PST Capture 2.0 released there are a few useful updates.

  • Support for Microsoft Exchange Server 2013
  • Fix profile generation code to use "RPC over HTTP".
  • The UI is no longer limited to 1000 users when performing an online import.
  • Fix issue in which online import fails when PST Capture is not installed on Exchange server.

  • Download the tool:

    KB Article:

    TechNet Guidance/Documentation: